Hand stamped candle holders

Hand stamping in the workshop

Hand Stamping is performed by hand using steel stamps and a hammer (as pictured above) – one stamp at a time.

The Stamper lines up the stamp by eye, holds it in place with one hand, and with the other hand, hits the end of the stamp with a hammer to impress the letter into the metal. Hand stamped cake candle holders will have variations in character depth and spacing.

The charm of hand stamped birthday candle holders is the rustic imperfection. We consider Hand Stamping an art form and each Stamper has their own unique “handwriting” visible on each handcrafted piece. That is how we like to work, making a perfect produkt with a touch of personality.

Hand stamped birthday candle holder in sterling silver

Hand stamped birthday candle holders

You choose the text or the date for your birthday candle holder and after a few day you receife a perfect handmade gift for your family or friends.