Cake candle holders in sterling silver for your birthday cake

Our cake candle holders are marked on the backside. Find the sign 925 silver on ever handmade candle holder. Silver is sustainable, hygienically and easy to clean.

Just collect candle holders as a family silver !

The tradition every year a candle more on the birthday cake, you can celebrate this with precious cake candle holders. Every cake candle holder is made out of sterling silver and marked on the backside with the stamp 925. This means that 925 from 1000 parts are silver, the rest is copper. The birthday candle holders have a tarnish protection and are easy to clean. Collect and see how your cakes get more precious every year.

Collector are welcome! Choose between 4 models of cake candle holders, or collect for every birthday year. We customise them for you with your name or a date.

Looking for a unique gift ? Birthday candle holders as a cake topper

Are you still looking for a unique one-time gift for birth, birthday, baptism, communion or wedding ? Everybody will love the cute little cake decoration. Choose between the 3 models, or crop all of them. If you like, we will personalize the cake candle holders for you. Just give your name and recieve a unique little something. The birthday candle holders have a noble brushed surface and thus a precious gift for men and women. They fits on every birthday cake, cupcake or wedding cake and makes the cake unique.

Give away a little something.



And the best, they are customizable.