Celebrate your party with birthday candle holders in sterling silver

A stylish cake decoration is not possible from plastic. You conjure a great cake and then want to deface it with plastic holders? Every birthday cake is unique. Cake candle holders sterling silver upgrade your cake and the birthday child feels special.

The social understanding of community-building rituals and the personal communicative relationships have changed fundarmentally. To review, to pause and to do a conscious to this, I would like to stimulate with my work.

The ceremonial eating and drinking can make that moment a special time of the day. The preparation of dishes is becoming increasingly important; why not enjoy the proficiency and the hospitality of the host ?

The material silver is suitable as a device and vessel especially, because of it´s look and feel. A personal object, like a cake candle holder in sterling silver, is a great way to celebrate special moments. Birthday cake candle holders, with name or date, are very special for the presentee.


Das soziale Verständnis von Ritualen, zum Aufbau von Gemeinschaften hat

Celebrate birth, baptism, communion, confimation, birthday, wedding with candle holders in silver!

Celebrate live !

You are invited and still need a valuable souvenir that should not be too expensive? The handcrafted holders are already off 24 Euro. They are designed and thus a gift for all who already own everything, thereby serving as a reminder of a special day.

Celebrate a stylish party on a travel with cake decorating in sterling silver !

Think of your loved one and surprise him or her. The cake candle holders are small and fit in every purse. This will be an unforgettable journey.