Use sustainable cake candle holders for your birthday cake !

Cake candle holder made out of sterlingsilver on a birthdaycake. No more plastic and no more wax on your cake ! This is beautiful and sustainable.  Worlwide you find suitable candles and because of the bigger drip tray they will not  damage your cake.

You know them all, the little candle holders. You should not miss any birthday cake. But every year you ask yourself where they are. Every year the same question: did you throw them away, or if not, where did you put the birthday candle holders? If you found them, do you really want to clean the cake candle holders?
I have been an opponent of plastic consumption for decades, so the idea was born:

The birhtday candle holders made out of sterling silver !

The candles burn away in the holder and will not get in touch with your cake. That is much more hygienic. Beside, the cake candle holder are easy to clean.  They have a tarnish protection. Just do it in the dishwasher!

Sustainable - no more wax on your cake - easy to clean - unique - cake decorating

You take care and don´t like plastic consumption?

These cake candle holders are made out of recycled sterling silver and are sustainable. Do not waste plastic; please care about our environment. Every little plastic thing gets back in to our nature, and into our body’s. We are all alert with straws; please think about everything made out of plastic. If you can get a different material, choose it! Sterling silver is precious and that is the reason, because it is recycled since decades. With birthday candle holders handmade in sterling silver, your cake will look much more valuable. This is a sustainable cake decorating. May be you can give the idea of sustainability to someone of your friend or family. Every person, who gets a cake with extraordinary birthday candle holder, feels special and will remember this unique moment.